About Minoo

Private Pilates Coach in Oakland, CA


Minoo Hamzavi is a private Pilates Practitioner in Oakland, California. She is a certified Master Instructor Practitioner of the Classic Pilates Method, as developed by Joseph Hubert Pilates and is fully authorized as an instructor by the Pilates Guild in New York since 1997.

Minoo trained with Romana Kryzanowska, who was herself a student of Joseph Hubert Pilates. In addition to her Pilates training Minoo holds a Bachelor's in Painting and Textiles from the California College of Arts and Crafts, plus a Master's in Performance Artc, Choreography and Sculpture from San Francisco State University.

Aside from her credentials, Minoo takes pride in her work as a Pilates Instructor and Practitioner and loves getting to know the people in her care. She takes a thorough, anatomical approach to pilates that allows her clients to practice routines that offer a safe range of movement, all the while stengthening muscles to heal and prevent injuries.  

You can learn more about Minoo by viewing her resume, or testimonials from grateful clients here.

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