Phase One - 0 to 200 hours:

Successfully completed 54 hours of Part I with Romana Kryzanowska, Master Teacer, The Pilates Studio, Seattle, WA;

Effectively completed Observation and Practice of beginning to advanced level movements for each apparatus:

1. The Mat Exercises:

a. Thirty exercises studied in depth;

b. Focus given to main principles at work thorughout the Method; proper control, correct breathing, muscular precision, movement quality and concentration.

2. The Reformer Exercises:

a. Utilizing the Universal Reformer to lean all thirty exercises thorugh the advanced level.

b. Advantages and considerations of working on the apparatus; the role of spring resistance and gravity in Reformer exercises, increased freedom and diversity of movement, and body positioning during exercises.

3. The Cadillac/Trap Table Exercises:

a. Thirty cadillac therapeutic and complext exercises reviewed.

4. The Chair Exercises:

a. Thirty exercises on the Chairs, high and low;

b. Use of chair to increase difficulty of the Mat exercises, as a tool for rehabilitation of knee injuries and application for quadriceps and hamstring strengthening.

5. Small and High Barrel Exercises:

a. thirty exercises performed on Barrels with focus on use for strengthening of the torso, abdomen, for reversing the thoracic spinal curve, and for increased stretching for dancers and athletes.

*98% on written examination, Carol Appel, Supervising Certified Instructor, San Francisco, CA.

Phase 2 - 200 - 400 Hours

Enthusiastically completed 55 hours of Part II with Sari Pace, Supervising Certified Teacher Trainer, including The System in Review, Barrel and Chair exercises;

Completed over 200 hours assisting as assistant teacher to Carol Appel, Supervising Certified Instructor:

1. Study of medical and anatomical aspects, use and maintenance of apparatus;

2. Study of custsomizing the Method to the client, identifying  weakness or injury in the student or patient and determining the issues of The Pilates Method of Body Conditioning and apparatus for treatment.

*98% on written examination.

Phase 3 - 400 - 600 Hours

Over 200 hours composed of Solo teaching utilizing all aspects of Phast I & II.

All hours documented and signed by Supervising Certified Instructor, Carol Appel.


Certified Teacher, Teacher Certification Program, The Pilates Studio, New York, New York.

February 1996- January 1997

Master of Fine Arts, Performance Art, Choreography, and Scupture, San Francisco State University, San Francisco, California. 1985

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Painting and Textiles, California College of Arts and Crafts, Oakland, CA 1980.

Employment and Apprentice History

Private Pilates Instructor: 1997 to Present

Workshop instructor on neck/back, feet, midthoracic, joint releases for 50+, hands, and balance.


Started New York-Based Pilates Program at University of California at Berkeley.

Pioneered Pilates program at YMCA in Berkeley, CA.

Apprentice - The Pilates Method Movement, The Pilates Studio, Seattle WA and Body Kinetics, San Francisco, CA;

February 1996 - January 1997

Performance Artist and Choreographyer, Minoo Hamzavi (i.e. Pro Arts, New Performance Gallery, Third Wave, Eighth Street Studio) San Francisco & Bay Area, CA

1980 - Present

Display Trimmer, Macy's San Francisco, CA 

1989 to 1995

Displacy Trimmer, Neiman Marcus, San Francisco, CA

1986 o 1988

Minoo with Romana Kryzanowska