Over the Years, Minoo has been lucky enough to earn recommendations from her past clients:

"I have had the pleasure of taking beginning Pilates classes with Minoo for six months, during which time she helped me to gain better composure and balance through the lessons.

I was a difficult client, as I have very little flexibility and could not do many of the routines. Minoo was able to modify the moves for me so that I would benefit from them, and in time I was able to stretch further and maintain balance.

Minoo is an absolutely wonderful person. Full of life and laughter, she makes the work-out a fun experience as well as informational. She is very knowledgeable of the Pilates routine and philosophy and takes her role as instructor very seriously. She is focused and relates the movements clearly and concisely.

I enthusiastically recommend her as a Pilates instructor at any institution. She would be a wonderful addition -- bringing enthsusiasm, dedications, knowledge and sparkle to any class."


-Jan C. Watten

"I found Minoo to be cheerful, genuinely concerned, knowledgeable regarding Pilates Method and able to accept and apply new directives from her trainer (which was a rare occurance). She was able to 'customized' therapies to target or rest a specific area."

                                      -Mary Beth Patterson,
                                       Registered Nurse

"Minoo's mastery of anatomy and movement make her uniquely skilled at recognizing and addressing injury. Working with her has been transformative in healing my body so I can engage fully in the activities I love -hiking, swimming, biking, and running. Her integrity and dedication to keeping my body in great condition has kept me coming back to her for years"

                                                     -Denice Dade

"I have been a client of Minoo's for seven years. She has helped me heal from falls, balance issues after vertigo, knee and neck problems and assorted other issues. She has kept my osteoarthritis from freezing my right shoulder and given me exercises that I can do at home to improve my conditions. she is always studying to improve her knowledge of not just bones and muscles, but the other body systems that may affect the the bones and muscles. Finally, she delivers her services with kindness, humor and knowledge."

                                                       -Sarah Jones

"Minoo Hamzavi is an expert Pilates instructor. She is detail oriented and knowledgeable on medical areas relating to bone and muscle and holistic medicine. I came to her about four years ago due to a back injury. In addition to a joint injury, I had hurt all my back muscles, so that I couldn't carry a cafeterial tray of food without having back pains afterwards...

I still have some healing to go because of long years of injury cannot be corrected quickly, but I am so much better than I was. Anybody that needs their body healed would definitely benefit from seeing Minoo Hamzavi."

                                               -Edward Tillotson

"Minoo Hamzavi produces magic!

As a health practioner myself and a long term client of Minoo, I can attest to the fact that she has an uncanny capacity to identify, treat and improve almost any musculoskeltel problem imaginable. She is extensively trained in classical Pilates, which she combines with her knowledge of movement and the body through dance as well as her study of many other bodywork modalities to form an eclectic creative and innovative approach in healing the body. "

                                             -Hilary Modell, NP

As a person with frequent low level soft tissue and joint discomfort, I've made seeing Minoo Hamzavi a part of my regular self-care. at the start of each session, Minoo asks how my body is feeling. She then tailors the exercises in that session to address my current issues, so that I leave the session feeling more relaxed and comfortable. Minoo has also given me exercises that I can do on my own... Every session is an experience both in receiving her knowledgeable, deeply caring guidance and in participating in my own self-care and healing.

                                             - Karen Summerly